10 Cakes that have a beverage as an ingredient!

Today is National Beverage Day which got me thinking about all of the cakes which contain one or more beverages.

One of my all time favourite cake (unless it's anything with Marzipan!) is Coffee and Walnut cake.

I couldn't find the origin of this unofficial holiday but thinking about it we have them every day and they can make or break the day. If I don't get my Tea first thing in the morning the day won't start well for anyone in my immediate vicinity! We also enjoy a drink socially with family and friends and I think that this is even more relevant in the current climate as we are easing out of lockdown in the UK. I know a walk in the park with a friend and a cuppa has never felt so good and a zoom call with my besties and a glass of wine over the past year got me through some tough days.

There are countless cakes that have a beverage as one of the ingredients but here are my 10 most favourite:

Chocolate fudge cake

Lets start simple with an old favourite. A classic Chocolate fudge cake which uses cocoa powder to get the rich chocolate flavour. One of may favourite recipes calls for you to add hot cocoa to the mixture instead of simply substituting some of the flour, which gives it light, moist texture.

Coffee and Walnut Cake

As I mentioned before, one of my absolute favourites. A soft coffee flavoured sponge with chopped walnuts throughout, filled and topped with a creamy coffee buttercream and decorated with walnut halves. If this is making your mouth water like mine, check out my recipe: Coffee and Walnut Cake

Cola Cake

Cola is added to this chocolate sponge based cake which gives it a super sweet taste and fudgy texture. Colas is also added to the buttercream where the taste is subtle but still there. If you're making it with the kids it's fun to add fizzy cola bottles to the top for decoration.

Tea Bread

This fruit loaf cake is delicious on it's own or spread with butter. The dried fruit is soaked in tea, usually over night before added to a mix of flour, butter, sugar and spices such as cinnamon and ginger.

Black Forest Gateau

This is a firm favourite at our family boxing day buffet. Moist chocolate sponge soaked in cherry brandy and filled and topped with cherries and fresh cream and decorated with chocolate.

Banana Bread

There are so many versions of banana bread and I think a lot of us became experts in the past year. Lockdown definitely created a lot of budding bakers. My version is made with brandy soaked sultanas and chopped walnuts.

Christmas Cake

I couldn't do a cake post and not include one that had marzipan somewhere. Christmas cakes traditionally are full of brandy soaked dried fruit and then fed regularly with more Brandy before being covered in marzipan and then traditionally royal icing but more now more commonly sugar paste.


I love Italian cuisine and I do love a tiramisu. Layers of sponge soaked in coffee and marsala wine, mascarpone and cocoa. The perfect ending to any meal.

Whiskey Apple Pie

To be honest with you this is just a normal apple pie but I like to caramelise my apples in a pan with a splash (or 3) of whiskey. Brandy or a dark rum would also work. I like to add a handful of sultanas for a bit of added flavour and texture.

Dark Chocolate and Baileys Cake

Rich, dark chocolate, fudge cake layers filled with boozy baileys buttercream. What more can I say!

Malteser Cake

A white sponge with a few tablespoons of Horlicks added to the mix to give the malty flavour covered in chocolate ganache icing. If you want more then add Maltesers to decorate. I don't think you can ever have too many Maltesers.

I hope this has given you some food (or drink) for thought. It's definitely made me want a cup of tea and slice of cake!

Until next time.

Happy Baking

Kristy xx

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