Cake Serving Guide

One of the first questions I ask when speaking to someone wanting me to make their cake is how big do you want it? Or, how many servings do you need? Now it depends on whether you want enough cake just to serve your guests or if you want your guests to take some home too and do you want to have some left over to enjoy with a cuppa in the evening for the next few weeks?

Now it may sound obvious but how many slices you get from a cake depends on how big you cut the slices. With my professional head I would tell you that a 6” celebration cake cut into wedges will serve between 8 and 10 people, however I know full well me and a very good friend of mine could do a 6” cake between us after a few glasses of Prosecco! Animals!!

Celebration cakes are generally cut into wedges while Wedding cakes are traditionally cut into finger slices approximately 1”x2”. Most wedding venues will cut the cake for you after you have had your ‘cutting the cake’ ceremony. Some wedding cakes are cut differently as they are more commonly being used now as dessert after the wedding breakfast.

Just a little side note; some people use fake tiers in their wedding cakes to give them the aesthetics they require whilst still having just enough cake to feed their guests. You’d never know just by looking!

I hope this helps when ordering your cake.

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