Coffee and Walnut Cake

So today is International Coffee Day. I was most pleased to learn this as my most favourite cake, second to anything with Marzipan in it, is Coffee and Walnut Cake. I actually bought myself some Coffee and Walnut Chocs from Hotel Chocolat earlier. So if there was ever a reason to make a Coffee cake this is it! I am going to share with you my favourite Coffee and Walnut Cake recipe.

Did you know?

Finland consumes the most coffee in the world however in the UK we drink around 95 million cups of coffee per day!

Coffee beans aren’t actually beans, they are berries!

Brazil produces 40% of the world’s coffee.

80% of UK Households buy instant coffee to make at home.

The coffee industry in the UK creates over 210,000 jobs.

Scientists have successfully turned ground coffee into biodiesel, so one day you could be using coffee instead of petrol!

Drinking coffee regularly may have health benefits such as a reduced risk of Alzheimer's, cancer and heart.

We consume 2.25 billion cups of coffee, worldwide, every day.

And one to finish with……..

The most expensive coffee in world is Black Ivory Coffee. It can cost up to $1,100 per kg. This coffee is produced from part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by Thai elephants. Lovely!

Now we are all experts on Coffee, here is my Coffee and Walnut Cake Recipe.

Coffee and Walnut Cake


230g Margarine

230g Sugar

4 Large eggs

230g Self Raising Flour

150g Butter

225g Icing Sugar

2 Tbs Instant Coffee Granules

100g Walnut halves


Preheat the oven to a 180/fan 160.

Grease and line 2 x 8” baking tins.

Divide the Coffee granules equally into two small cups and add 1stp of boiling water to each cup. Stir to dissolve the granules and leave to cool.

Cream the Margarine and Sugar together.

Add the eggs one at a time and mix together until the eggs are fully combined.

Add one of the cups of coffee you made earlier.

Add the flour and fold into the mixture until combined.

Gently break up 60g of the walnuts and add them to the mixture.

Divide the mixture equally between the two tins and bake in the oven for approximately 25mins or until a knife comes out clean.

While the cakes are cooling you can make the buttercream.

Mix together the butter and icing sugar. If you have a mixer or food processor its easiest but you can do it in a bowl with a fork.

Add the second cup of coffee mix you made to the creamed butter.

Once the sponges are cooled spread half of the buttercream onto one sponge, place the second sponge on top and then spread the other half of the buttercream on top.

Decorate the top of your cake with the remaining Walnuts in any pattern you wish!

If you don’t like walnuts then you can simply leave them out.

If you like a stronger coffee flavour you can make extra coffee paste and add it to the mixture. Just be sure not to make it too watery as it will affect the consistency of the sponge or buttercream.

Enjoy! xx

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