Cupcake's for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Updated: Jun 2

This year marks Queen Elizabeth II 70th year on throne. Up and down the country communities are celebrating with street parties and events.

So in honour of this event I designed these cupcakes and I am going to share with you the recipe and all of the equipment I used to create them.

To start I used this Vanilla cupcake recipe. You can download the recipe to print by clicking on the image.

To create the design on the cupcakes I used the following list of equipment:

I also used some essentials from my kit including:

  • 6cm round cutter

  • Bone tool

  • Foam Pad

  • Rolling pin

  • Piping bags

  • PME Nozzles 104 & 20

  • Wilton Nozzle 1M

For the buttercream I divided it into 3 bowls. One bowl I kept white and I mixed 2 different shades using the purple paste.

I used the Wilton 1M nozzle to create a large rose on two cupcakes and and two smaller roses on the other two cupcakes with the white buttercream.

Using the lighter shade of purple buttercream and the PME 20 nozzle I piped stars next to the smaller white roses.

Finally using the PME 104 nozzle and the darker buttercream I filled in the gaps using small side to side motion to create the waves.

For the decorations I mixed purple sugarpaste and rolled it out so I had enough to cut one Jubilee stamp, 2 small roses and 1 large rose.

Using the foam pad bone tool I shaped the edges of the rose shapes using a gentle rolling motion. Following the instructions on the packet I folded the icing in half then rolled them up to create the roses.

To make the jubilee emblem I pressed the icing stamp into the remaining rolled purple icing then used the 6cm cutter to create the disc.

Finally I made the rose leaves by rolling some white sugarpaste and cutting them out using the white icing and then painting them with the silver dust.

Once the decorations had dried slightly I placed them on the cupcakes.

For the finishing touches I used the silver sprinkles to decorate the last two cupcakes.

What's a party without a cupcakes! Now we're ready to celebrate the jubilee.

Happy Baking



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