How to line a cake tin

I am regularly asked for advice about baking and cake decorating. I can offer lots of tips but preparation is one of the most important. I used to be a big fan of soldier soldier back in the 90's and I remember one of the lines "prior planning prevents piss poor performance". it's the same here. Lining your cake tin may take time but it's worth it in the end. There is little worse than spending the time preparing your cake mixture and then half of it sticking to the tin when you try to take it out.

Here is step by step instructions on how to line a round cake tin. The instructions are the same for any shape cake tin, apart from the base lining which you would cut to the shape of the tin you are using.

You will need your cake tin, a pencil, scissors, parchment or baking paper and some butter or margarine for greasing.

Step 1.

Draw round the base of your cake tin onto your paper.

Step 2.

You can cut the amount of paper you need before you draw round your base. I like to do it after so that i use just the right amount.

Step 3.

In this instance I am only lining one tin so I wold cut the strip in across to top of the circle and save the second half. If I was lining two tins which is very common for me I would fold the strip in half above the circle so that I would end up with two base linings.

After you have cut or folded the paper so that you have a piece the size of your circle, fold the paper in half and half again so that you have a quarter of the circle showing. Like a slice of pizza.

Step 4.

Cut along the line of the circle. Open the folded paper and you will have your perfect circle(s)

At this point I will say that you could draw round the base of your tin and then just cut out the shape but if you can get the hang of this technique then it will save you so much time, especially when you have more than one base layer to cut.

Step 5.

Cut lengths of your paper approximately 1cm longer than the height of your tin. This is to line the edge of your tin so you will need more strips the bigger your tin is. I never throw away cut offs I always save them to line my next tin.

Step 6.

Fold the bottom of the paper up approximately 1cm. If you have more than one strip of paper you can put them together, this will save time too.

Step 7.

Snip diagonally approximately 2cm apart along the length of the paper up to the fold.

Step 8.

Grease your tin with butter or margarine. I use the scraps from cutting out the circle to spread the fat around the tin.

Step 9.

Place the strips around the inside of the tin with the fold at the bottom so you have a lip of paper on the base of the tin. Continue to place strips around the edge until you have covered the whole of the inside of the tin.

Step 10.

Place your base layer on the bottom of your tin.

Now your tin is ready for you to add your mixture and bake whatever cake has taken your fancy today.

I always line my tins before I mix my cakes so that I can put the mix straight in the oven. Oh and remember to preheat your oven!

Happy baking everyone.


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