How to make a Chocolate Overload Cake

My downfall (second to marzipan) is chocolate. I love chocolate and am especially partial to a Terry's chocolate orange at Christmas. Oh and marzipan covered in chocolate is just my idea of heaven!

It's so hard when I am making a chocolate overload cake not to eat all of the decoration before I can add them to the cake.

Today, January 27th 2022 is National Chocolate Cake Day and so I thought I'd share with you how I put together one of these very indulgent chocolate overload cakes.

The Cake

You may assume that as it's a chocolate overload cake that the sponge has to be chocolate but that is not necessarily the case. In fact I much prefer a vanilla sponge with a chocolate ganache filling.

I use the 'weigh egg' method when making my sponge cakes. This means I weigh my eggs and then use the same amount of sugar, fat and flour.

If I wanted to make a chocolate cake I substitute approximately one fifth of the flour for cocoa powder and take half of the white sugar and substitute it with light brown sugar.

The Filling

I like to fill my chocolate cakes with a simple ganache or a ganache buttercream.

To make a ganache use one part cream to one part dark chocolate. Put the cream and chocolate in a bowl and gently heat in the microwave or over a pan of boiling water until the chocolate is melted. Then whisk until you have smooth silky ganache. You can use ganache to fill and cover your cake.

If you wanted a fluffier textured filling and covering then you can make a ganache butter cream. Make the ganache as above and set aside. Then make a vanilla buttercream, I use 2 parts butter to 3 parts icing sugar and a dash of vanilla essence. Combine the buttercream and ganache to make a fluffy chocolate filling.

The Decoration

To cover your cake you can use the ganache or the buttercream. You can use the buttercream to pipe swirls and for decoration, to give height and hold the chocolates in place.

Here you can be as creative as you like. You can use any chocolates you like, To create an eye catching design use an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes.

Use sticks, blocks and cones to create height. You can use open chocolates such as eggs and fill with other chocolates for a bit of fun. Use balls, discs, stars and any other shape you can find to create texture and design.


Just because this is a chocolate cake it doesn't mean you can't add flavour in the cake, filling or toppings. Raspberry, Strawberry, Caramel and Coffee all go great with chocolate. Honeycomb, nuts and dried fruit will also add flavour and texture.

So get baking and get creative, oh and try not to eat all of the chocolate before you get it on the cake!

Happy Baking!

Kristy x

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