How to place a cake order

I want to make the process of you ordering a cake as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on preparing the rest of your celebration in the knowledge that your cake is is all under control.

Initial Enquiry

There are three things that I ask when someone first enquires about a cake. This makes it easy to determine whether or not I am the right cake maker for you and whether or not I have availability.

Now you may wonder why I say that I may not be the right the cake maker for you and this can be for many reasons, the main ones though are your budget, (you can find my prices here), if you specifically need an allergen free cake and if I can make the design you are looking for.

I can make a cake without a specific allergen e.g. gluten free however I will never claim that they are allergen free as they are made in a kitchen where all of the known allergens are used and therefore cross contamination is possible. Also, there are bakers out there that specialise in certain cakes e.g. eggless or dairy free and they have perfected their recipes and dare I say it will make a much better cake than me. This is the same for design. I specialise in icing which means I make sugar paste models and sugar flower so if you were looking for say, a hand painted cake then I am not the artist for you.

It is really important to me that you are over the moon with your cake and therefore I will never claim to be able to complete an order that I think you will be less than satisfied with.

So back to the three initial questions:

  1. When do you need your cake for

This is not just the date of your celebration. I need to know the date that you wish me to hand the cake over. Some people like to collect their cake the evening before their party, in the case of weddings though it is usually the case that I deliver to the venue on the day of the celebration.

2. Do you know what size cake you'd like?

The size is entirely up to you. I can tell you how big a cake you would need to serve certain amount of guests, some are happy with this and others like to have a bit left over or even order a smaller cake and selection of matching cupcake.

The design is also a factor here and I can advise you if we need to tweak the design or size depending on your requirements.

3. Do you have an idea on flavour and design?

So this is a bit of a two parter:

The flavour can be simple, A popular option is a traditional but delicious vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream, or maybe you'd prefer a something different. I can make you any flavour you'd like and am happy to discuss flavours with you. It may also be the case that you are ordering a cake with more than one tier and would like more than one flavour, that's no problem.

When it comes to the design some people like to give me a theme and leave the rest to me while others like to send me pictures of something they would like. Pictures are a great help if you're looking for something specific but it's important to note that I do not copy cakes, I will take inspiration from them though.

You can find cake inspiration google or check out my gallery or pinterest for ideas.

So once we've established those initial requirements I will design your cake and come back to you with a design and initial price. From there if you're happy, great, if you'd like to tweak some of the design that's also no problem. When we have finalised a design and price I will send over a confirmation email which gives you all of the details on your finalised design, the agreed price, how you can pay and any details on collection or delivery.

A £50 deposit is required for wedding cakes and a £25 deposit for all other cakes. Cupcake orders below the amount of £25 must be paid in full to confirm your order. All cakes must be paid in full two weeks prior to your collection date.

I will also send you ca copy of my terms and conditions which you can also see here.

After I have received your deposit I will confirm your order and you can get on with the rest of your preparations.

So if you'd like to place an order then please give me a call, or send me an email all of the details are here.

If you'd just like to check out my designs you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Take Care



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