Using Colour of the Year 2022 - Very Peri in cake design

The Pantone Colour Institute announced that its colour of the 2022 is Very Peri 17-3938 and for the first time they have created a new colour just for this reason.

Very peri will be highlight this year in home decor, fashion, beauty and product design.

I'm not normally one to follow trends, but I am very excited by this colour. The opportunities to use this shade of blue when designing a cake are immense. The warm undertones of red and violet lead to a multitude of colour combinations that will work for so many occasions.

Bridgerton is a big inspiration for weddings in 2022 and with the release of series two coming in March will very likely continue into 2023 and beyond. The popular blues and lilacs of the regency era make this the perfect colour for an eye catching monochromatic cake or to accent a traditional white or ivory icing.

Adding pearls or gold leaf to the ever popular buttercream drip cakes will create a sophisticated effect for birthday and anniversary cakes.

Use a white, grey or a light eucalyptus green to create an on trend ombre cake. These look beautiful decorated with sugar or dried flowers. Florals will always be in fashion, especially for wedding cakes. Check these out for a bit of inspiration.

My personal choice of colour is Sugarflair and they won't have this exact shade but it won't be too hard to get a close match by mixing some baby blue with a dash of lavender.

There are plenty of colours that will accent beautifully with this shade of blue from natural taupe and ecru to brighter fuschia, warmer coffees and cooler greens.

So all in all the colour for 2022 is likely to create some stunning cakes.

Happy Baking



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