All sales made by Pumpkins to Pearls are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Nothing contained within these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer. Please read the following terms and conditions, if there is anything you don’t understand please feel free to contact us.


Price, Booking Fee and Payment

All quotes will be emailed after consultation either on the telephone or in person. All quotes last 30 days from the date issued.

The price for your cake shall be as stated on your order form. A £50 booking fee is required for wedding cakes and a £25 booking fee for all other cakes.

Cupcake orders below the amount of £25 must be paid in full to confirm your order.

All booking fees are non-refundable.

Your order will only be confirmed once the booking fee has been received.

The balance must be paid by the date agreed on your booking form.

If payment is not received by the date specified the order will not be completed or held until funds have been received. When payment is late we accept no responsibility should we be unable to acquire the required stock or equipment to make the cake as agreed in consultation. In these circumstances the cake will be made as close to the order confirmation as possible with no redress or liability on Pumpkins to Pearls.

Cancellation, Postponement and Alterations.

As the date of your booking is reserved solely for your cake and certain components maybe ordered months in advance the following charges are implemented when an order is cancelled

  • 3 months from delivery date: booking fee only

  • 3 months to 1 calendar month from delivery date: booking fee plus 50% of the remaining balance

  • Less than 1 calendar month will incur the booking fee plus the full outstanding balance.


In the event that you need to postpone the order, if availability allows, the booking fee and any balance paid will be transferred to another date, this however can only be done once.


Your cake is really important to us and we want you to have exactly what you want. Please read your order form carefully and let us know within 3 days if there is anything you wold like to change. All changes must be made in writing. We will send another order form for you to check and confirm the changes. Alterations may increase the original quote. We will do our best to help however please note that late alterations may not be possible.

In the event that Pumpkins to Pearls needs to cancel your order we will advise you at the earliest possible time and a full refund will be issued.

Pumpkins to Pearls reserves the right to cancel, vary or suspend the operation of this contract if unforeseen events occur which include but are not exclusively: fire, floods, storm, plant breakdown, strike, lock outs, riot, hostilities, non-availability of materials or supplies or any other event outside the control of Pumpkins to pearls, and Pumpkins to Pearls shall not be liable for any breach of contract resulting from such an event.


Collection, Delivery and Set Up

Collection is available free of charge from Pumpkins to Pearls at a pre-arranged time.

We ask that cakes under the value of £100 are collected.

Delivery can be arranged on request however we do not have specific delivery times and may not be able to deliver at all requested times. If you have specific delivery date and require delivery before a specific time please state this at the time of placing your order.

An additional cost of 45p per mile will be added for delivery of celebration cakes. The cost of delivery and set up is included in the price of all Wedding Cakes.

For Celebration cakes, not including wedding cakes, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct delivery address and ensure someone is available to receive the cake. If the recipient is not in the order will be returned to Pumpkins to Pearls and we will contact you to arrange a new delivery time which will incur an additional charge by the customer. Pumpkins to Pearls accept no responsibility for any loss or consequential loss incurred by the customer as a result.

For Wedding Cakes, it is the Customers responsibility to provide the correct delivery address  and contact details for the venue and Pumpkins to Pearls will contact the venue to arrange a suitable time for delivery and set up.

Pumpkins to Pearls will deliver and set up your cake as agreed and we want to ensure it is displayed at its best. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided Pumpkins to Pearls with any set up details and arrangements made with the venue for the location and display of your cake. Pumpkins to Pearls cannot be held responsible for the location of the cake at the venue. Please ensure that the display location is level, stable, sturdy and strong enough to hold the cake.

Please be aware that chocolate melts in warm conditions such as inside a marquee on a hot summer’s day or in direct sunlight.

Once the cake has been collected, or delivered and set up Pumpkins to Pearls cannot be held responsible for damage to the cake thereafter.

A photograph of the cake will be taken at the venue prior to departure to verify the cake has been set up and left in good condition.


It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Pumpkins to Pearls of any Allergen requirements at the time of booking.

Please note that although the ingredients in the cake may not be made with the product containing any specified allergen including but not exclusively, nuts, wheat, dairy and eggs, it will be prepared in a kitchen where all allergens may be used.

Allergy information is provided with every cake.


Cake Design, Copyright and Publication

Pumpkins to Pearls do not copy cakes. If you see a cake you like from another source we can take inspiration but it will never be an exact replica.

No person shall have the entitlement to copy or reproduce, in any form or otherwise make use of any image, photograph, design or any document or item produced on behalf of or by Pumpkins to Pearls.

By signing the order form you agree that Pumpkins to pearls is the sole owner of the final cake design.

We reserve the right to use any images of the customer’s cake made by Pumpkins to Pearls for publication after the delivery date unless previously agreed in writing between the customer and Pumpkins to Pearls.

Pumpkins to Pearls does not provide Fresh flowers for cakes, these will need to be ordered by the customer. Please speak to your florist as not all flowers are suitable for cake decoration.

Please read any advice sent with the cake as it will contain any information needed regarding the removal of dowels from stacked cakes, and any other non-edible components used for structural purposes. It will also contain storage instructions. It is assumed the cake will be consumed on the day of delivery or collection and will be at its best on that date,



It is very important to us that you are happy with and enjoy your cake. If in the unfortunate event you are not happy please advise us within 48hrs of collection or delivery. This gives us a reasonable time to investigate and respond.